Introducing The New Alpina Smartwatch: AlpinerX

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Introducing The New Alpina Smartwatch: AlpinerX

The perfect blend of Alpina Heritage and Modernism into the world’s most beautiful Outdoor Smartwatch

The AlpinerX was first introduced on Kickstarter during Baselworld and became an incredibly successful project on the digital platform. Over 3’000 customized watches were ordered, and the project collected over 1.5 million Swiss francs from backers eager to buy a unique connected outdoor smartwatch. Alpina Watches is now proud to officially launch four models of the AlpinerX, available worldwide.

The Kickstarter Campaign

With an exciting launch on the renown crowdfunding digital platform, Alpina offered a community of backers the opportunity to influence the design and specifications of the watch. A choice of more than 10’000 colour variations were available through a dedicated Watch Configurator. Upon completion of the campaign, Alpina has assembled and shipped all of the customized AlpinerX watches ordered by its community. The campaign offered Alpina customers the chance to give their feedback about the AlpinerX and opened a dialogue between the watch brand and the public through comments, live streams and messages. The feedback collected has been incredibly fruitful and will inspire the brand’s next generation of smartwatches.

The AlpinerX

The AlpinerX is the ultimate outdoor connected watch. Powered by quintuple sensors, it measures the UV index, the temperature, the altitude, the pressure and direction. An ideal fusion between a classical Alpina sports design and connected technology, the watch offers a wide panel of features while being a beautiful horological piece to wear.

The functions of the AlpinerX are split into 3 categories; Environment, Body, Time & Notification. The first will include nature-related tools such as an altimeter, a barometer, a compass, a UV index indicator, temperature measurement and a connected GPS.

The second is related to the user’s well-being and will collect activity and sleep data, offer dynamic coaching based on results and smart alarms.

And finally, the Time & Notification segment will bring countless time recording options, notifications, a worldtimer, data saving to a Cloud and finally a 2-year battery life.

The Design

The AlpinerX is available in a variety of four designs – this particular selection has been made thanks to the Kickstarter campaign as it highlighted the public’s colour preferences. From a classic and powerful black to a bold and modern orange, the range offers models to please everyone’s taste.

If colours are an important choice factor, the AlpinerX smartwatch truly elevates itself by its design and an unusual material: the case is made out of fiberglass. It allows its wearer to enjoy the watch anywhere, in the office or while performing intense sports activities, without being inconvenienced by a heavy timepiece.

With its beautiful curves and sporty design, the watch can easily match any lifestyle and become the ideal day-to-day companion. Moreover, the AlpinerX is an enduring watch as it is both shock-resistant as well as water-resistant – making it the perfect match for any outdoor adventure.

The Analog & Digital Screen

On the dial of the smartwatch a digital screen displays all the functions available thanks to the watch’s multi-sensor-technology. A simple push on the crown will allow access to the large choice of functions while the pusher at 4 o’clock will display sub-menus.

Notifications will also appear on the digital screen depending on the wearer’s preferences. Missed calls and messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and many more can all be part of the alerts set via the watch’s companion app.

The App

The AlpinerX is to be used in relation with the AlpinerX app (compatible with iOS & Android) to record and display the data collected by the watch.

Daily activities as well as sleep patterns are recorded and analyzed, enabling tips and dynamic coaching provided by the app. All features and data are easily accessible, and the parameters of the watch can be configured directly through the app to be displayed on the AlpinerX’s digital screen. The connection between the AlpinerX watch and application is made via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

The connection extensively logs the watch’s records in real time and displays them on graphs via the app or on the digital screen. All the data is stored safely in the Cloud and can be accessed via the newly released SwissConnect Cloud Portal.

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